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Time Capsule 1994-2014

Water Music II


Celestial Temple

Ambient Space

Water Music

Deep Flight Expedition

Planetary Motion


Dark Places

Sonoprint music and sound design is regularly heard in motion pictures, radio, video games, internet streaming, television shows and album releases. Since 1994 Sonoprint has been creating lush sound design and atmospheric music for all applications. Sonoprint is best known for Space and Ambient music that combines influences from the 70's and 80's (Tangerine Dream, Robert Rich, George Winston, Mannheim Steamroller, Kitaro etc.) with modern sound generators and deep sound design.


Over the last 20 years, Sonoprint has been used for (among others):  

“The Eugenist (film)” “Tio (film)” ”HollyScoop (TV)" “Liquid Beings (film)” ”Time Travelers (film)" "Brookstone Inc. (company product videos)" “Reine Rouge (web series) "The Nightmare (film)" "Motel Americana (film)" "Meat Cycle (film)" "Ma Bella (film)" "Automorphosis (film)" "Heroin, The Ride That Never Ends (TV)" "Southwest Tourism (project)" "Crackin' The Code (film)" "Uncle Sam's House (film)" "Positive (film)" "Creeping Death (film)" "Marvin's Plan (film)" "Youthanized (film)" "Future Perfect (film, original 2008)" "Last Man Dreaming (video game)" "Deep Field View (web video)."  


Sonoprint music has also been played on radio programs/stations such as "Stars End" "Hearts Of Space" "Stillstream" "Soma FM" "WVKR Secret Music" and can be heard on streaming or download services like "Spotify" "Itunes" and others.  


Sonoprint music releases include:  

Albums- ”Ambient Space," "Deep Flight Expedition," "Planetary Motion,” "Celestial Temple,” "Water Music," "Lullabies," "Time Capsule 1994-2014,” “Artifacts” and “Water Music II.”  Royalty free construction kits-  “Ethereal” and “Dark Places.”